Please note that this projection can only be viewed from outside the ICP Museum and is most visible after sunset.

With the emergence of digital photography and an interest in the subtleness of change, Noah Kalina started taking daily photographs of himself on January 11, 2000.

Kalina originally intended Every Day to be a photo project, but was convinced to compile the photos into a time-lapse video that he then uploaded to YouTube in August 2006.

The New York Times quoted William A. Ewing, director of the Musée de l’Élysée, as saying, “Noah’s video represents a phenomenal amplification not just in what he produced and how he did it, but how many people the piece touched in such a short period of time. There is nothing comparable in the history of photography.”

Every Day now has over 32 million views on YouTube. Kalina has created a never-before-seen version especially for Projected, extending the time-lapse video to cover 17.5 years worth of daily self-portraits.

Kalina shares reflections on his work in an interview with curator Wesley Verhoeve.

About the Artist

Noah Kalina is a photographer and artist living in New York. 


TOP IMAGE: 20100728 © Noah Kalina