Please note that this projection can only be viewed from outside the ICP Museum and is most visible after sunset.

Kids do not want to be contained—they are built for adventure. As a culture, we are wildly protective of our little ones, often to the point of protecting them from happy accidents and mistakes they might learn from. “Young Explorers” is a series of short films about what happens when you allow kids who are very young—who have just learned to walk by themselves—to explore the world completely on their own.

Jacob Krupnick shares reflections on the project in an interview with curator Wesley Verhoeve. This exhibition is part of ICP’s new ongoing series Projected.

About the Artist

Jacob Krupnick is a filmmaker and photographer who ping-pongs between artistic and commercial realms. After moving to New York City at the age of 10, he became a young devotee to street photography, spending late nights in the high school darkroom. After apprenticing with several art photographers, the hobby became a career. Combining his academic study of urban sociology, Jacob eventually began making films in public space. Starting with his feature-length dance film Girl Walk // All Day (2012), Jacob’s films often set performances in busy public environments, inviting daily life into the work.

TOP IMAGE: Ada on Coney Island © Jacob Krupnick