Please note that this projection can only be viewed from outside the ICP Museum and is most visible after sunset.

Andre Wagner's work comes out of his respect—awe, even—for the value of ordinary lives playing out in ordinary ways. His focus on African Americans in his community affirms that value, pithily summed up by the meme Black Lives Matter. Wagner's pictures help correct the record, flesh it out. They serve as counterbalance, antidote to injustices perpetrated in the realm of representation.

Wagner shares reflections on his work in an interview with curator Wesley Verhoeve. This exhibition is part of ICP’s new ongoing series Projected.

About the Artist

Andre D. Wagner makes photographs that encapsulate American life and its social landscape. City streets, people, public transportation, and the youth of the twenty-first century are his visual language. Wagner is a student of everyday life, allowing himself to exit the mind and delve into his surroundings. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Wagner now lives in Brooklyn.


TOP IMAGE: © Andre Wagner