Talk in Images, presented by ICP in partnership with Huawei, explores the power of photography to act as a universal language. Notable visual storytellers lead conversations around topics such as “love,” “work,” and “hope” through photos posted on social media. A laboratory of sorts, the series explores the power of imagery to spark meaningful, socially engaged, and conscientious visual conversations on a global scale.

Talk in Images—Home offers a first-look at the second theme of the series. In the words of Los Angeles–based photographer Jessica Zollman: “My idea of home used to be a place: the house I grew up in. But when my mom moved to Arizona a few years ago I realized that home is not a location, but rather the people who make me feel safe, loved, seen, and supported. Home is my dog, Dagger, who calms me when my anxiety gets bad, and comforts me when I’m sad. Home is my husband, Anthony, who encourages me to be better and do better, and makes me feel loved even when I don’t think I deserve it. Home is my mom, Patricia, who showed me what it meant to be a strong, outspoken, warrior woman, and continues to be my biggest fan and champion.”

During the day, Talk in Images—Home can be viewed on monitors inside the ICP Museum and during evening hours, images are literally “projected” onto the windows of the ICP Museum; they can be viewed from the sidewalk outside the Museum and are most visible after sunset.

About Jessica Zollman

Jessica Zollman, also known as “Jayzombie,” is a self-taught photographer from San Francisco who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. A love of photography since childhood and an established career in the tech industry led Jessica to a role as Instagram’s fifth employee, serving as their community evangelist for nearly two years. In 2013, she set out on her own to pursue her passion for taking pictures full-time. Zollman’s work is often a reflection of her personality or mood. She’s drawn to vibrant colors, straight lines, geometric patterns, and nature in unnatural settings.

TOP IMAGE: © Jessica Zollman