Cheer Up Luv is an ongoing photojournalism project by Eliza Hatch that documents women who have experienced sexual harassment on any scale in a public setting. The project can be accessed via Instagram and, which both facilitate the interview series and take the format of a digital gallery.

Cheer Up Luv is a platform for women’s voices to be heard and to take ownership of experiences that were once out of their control. This project is an investigation into the vast amount and range of encounters that women experience in public.

By photographing these women and publishing their stories, Hatch aims to shed light on an issue that is rarely spoken about. At its core, Cheer Up Luv is about turning a negative situation into something positive and reclaiming ownership of that experience.

Hatch shares reflections on her work in an interview with ICP Assistant Curator, Collections Claartje van Dijk.

During the day, Cheer Up Luv can be viewed on monitors inside the ICP Museum and during evening hours, images are literally “projected” onto the windows of the ICP Museum; they can be viewed from the sidewalk outside the Museum and are most visible after sunset.

TOP IMAGE: © Eliza Hatch