Talk in Images—A Global Conversation

Nov 21, 2017

Talk in Images, presented by ICP in partnership with Huawei, explores the power of photography to act as a universal language. Each month from now through June 2018, notable visual storytellers will lead conversations around topics such as “love,” “work,” and “hope” through photos posted on social media.

Here’s how it will work: our conversation leaders will post an image and tag followers, who will then reply using only an image. Leaders and followers will use thematic hashtags with each post so our greater community can follow along on Instagram (see dates and hashtags below). The entire conversation will then be showcased as part of the ICP Projected series.

Join us on social media as we consider how this global dialogue unfolds into a laboratory of visual expression.

November 28–December 19
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesFood

December 26–January 13
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesHome

January 20–February 20
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesLove

February 27–March 20
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesWork

March 27–April 17
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesMood

April 24–May 15
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesBody

May 22–June 20
Follow #ICPTalkinImagesHope