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ID explores the expression of identity online. Contributing photographers are as young as 16 and represent a diverse collection of creative voices within the community of visual creatives uploading their work to the VSCO platform.

Macey Bishop, a contributing photographer to ID, shares reflections on her work in an interview with ICP Projected curator Wesley Verhoeve.

About VSCO

VSCO is a trendsetting art and technology community that empowers authentic creative expression around the world. Celebrating creativity above all else, the VSCO app—a refreshing space void of ads, public likes, or comments—offers creators access to powerful photo editing tools, educational and inspiring content, as well as VSCO X, a membership experience designed to help people around the world reach their creative potential.

Many thanks to the curatorial team at VSCO for this collaboration.

About the Artists

Anthony Billa

Anthony Bila, otherwise known as “The Expressionist,” was born in the township of Tembisa, South Africa. He works as a visual artist, film director, and photographer. His concern is but one: to tell human truths and bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa by sharing the nuanced narratives from the country he calls home, South Africa.

Austin Eisenhour

I am 16, I am self-taught, and my aspiration (like so many others) is to create meaningful work. When I first started experimenting with photography I was only concerned with aesthetics, but I have come to discover how I can make my images convey a message. Currently, my work mainly focuses on the human condition, specifically the relationship between humans and the afterlife, and sometimes, the longing for it. I shoot on both 35mm and medium format film.

Faith Couch

Faith Couch is a photographer whose work focuses on both personal and political aspects of her life. She creates intimacy between the viewer and her works. Photography allows her to create discussions about how the personal and the political intersect and affect everyone's lives. She examines what it means to be black and to be a woman in the society in which she exists.

Tan Ya

YA (Tan Ya) (b.1994), works on the concept of duality and the iridescence of created realities. Instinct and intuition are her approach to visual experimentation, to discover the continuity of change and growth as well as to question the becoming of an individual. Human physique and feature characteristics are matters she subjects her interests at to draw a visual answer to bracket her working intention.

Kahrizma Diggs

Sadness is art: Art is feeling: Feeling is believing: I Believe that my Sadness Fades When I Cry Through Art.

Kristin Powell

Kristin Powell is a Jamaican-American self-taught analog photographer and filmmaker born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. Currently pursuing her BFA in motion picture and television, Powell is focused on bringing light to stories that many would consider to be taboo. Her visual language reveals her strong desire to capture the people and the city she’s from as accurately as humanely possible.

Chloe Lillash

Chloe Lillash is a 20-year-old photographer and artist from Columbus, Ohio. Currently, she is attending the Columbus College of Art and Design for a BFA in photography. Most of her work evolves around color and portraiture. She also enjoys working in collage, illustration, and printmaking.

Macey Bishop

Macey Bishop is a queer Latinx student in Portland. She is interested in making art accessible. In her spare time she enjoys going on walks and dancing in her room.

Marshall Columbia

Marshall Columbia is currently a student in fashion design whose style is inspired by photographers such as Guy Bourdin and Filip Custic. Performing around the world as a classically trained harpist, he would see women dressed in the most beautiful gowns at galas he attended. This was his first introduction to the world of high fashion outside of his little suburban town in Colorado. It sparked his love for fashion design from which he naturally grew to love other areas of the industry, such as photography.

Molly Matalon

Molly Matalon (b. 1991) is a photographer born and raised in South Florida. She received her BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her work deals with desire, idealization, and power dynamics. It has been exhibited in the United States and internationally. Matalon currently lives in Los Angeles working as a photographer for hire.

Savanna Dohler

I’m 17 years old and I live to create emotion. I started shooting when I was 13. My dad got me a camera and taught me everything he knew. It has been a passion of mine ever since. Throughout the years, my style and the things that incite emotion in me have slowly metamorphosed and the ideas I want to represent have become more prevalent. Using clothing, poses, and makeup as a way to implement a message into my photographs is what I live for. I love to make people think.

Claudia Rubín

Claudia Rubín is a Puerto Rican graphic designer and photographer based in New York. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2017 with a BFA in communications design. Rubín's interest in photography started at a young age from watching her father, who is also a photographer. Her work is a mix of fashion, portrait, and street photography, mostly using natural light. She is currently working as a freelance designer for the New York Times Magazine.

TOP IMAGE: Image by Kahrizma Diggs