Please note that this projection can only be viewed from outside the ICP Museum and is most visible after sunset.

Female to “Male is a self-portrait project documenting the artist’s transition from female to “male” through weekly photographs, recorded vocal changes, documents, and objects that represent a segment or moment in his gender exploration. The project offers an intimate view into the physical, psychological, medical, and financial changes Wynne Neilly has undergone to shape and explore his gender. He insists on the use of quotation marks around the word “male” stating that his identity is something fluid that cannot be easily defined by use of a single word. For him, his gender and body are a construction of the ways in which he perceives himself and the queer social experiences he has lived. Neilly maintains that his trans identity is not a shift from one sex or gender to another, but rather a continual evolution. 

Neilly shares reflections on his work in an interview with curator Wesley Verhoeve.

About the Artist

Wynne Neilly is a Toronto-based, queer and trans identified visual artist and award-winning photographer. Upon completion of his BFA, Wynne directed his focus on producing and showcasing work in gallery spaces internationally. His goal is to continue sharing his experiences and images around the world through online mediums and physical installations. Neilly focuses on portraiture and editorial work, using its personal nature to reflect the development of identity and the complexities of human gender expression. His work seeks to normalize the queer and trans body. 

TOP IMAGE: © Wynne Neilly