Talk in Images, presented by ICP in partnership with Huawei, explores the power of photography to act as a universal language. Notable visual storytellers lead conversations around topics such as “love,” “work,” and “hope” through photos posted on social media. A laboratory of sorts, the series explores the power of imagery to spark meaningful, socially engaged, and conscientious visual conversations on a global scale.

Talk in Images—Work offers a first-look at the fourth theme of the series. In the words of San Francisco–based photographer and educator Pei Ketron, who led this visual conversation:

“While I’ve been a photographer for 17 years, I’ve only been doing it as a full-time job for six years. Prior to then, I spent a decade working as an elementary school special education teacher. What I love most about these images from my work with a nonprofit in Tanzania is that this assignment brought me back into the classroom. Though this school was on the complete opposite side of the world as my own, commonalities were everywhere. The clamor of excited voices, smiling young faces, and encouragement of dedicated teachers reminded me of how proud I was to do that work then and of how fortunate I am to document it now.”

During the day, Talk in Images—Work can be viewed on monitors inside the ICP Museum and during evening hours, images are literally “projected” onto the windows of the ICP Museum; they can be viewed from the sidewalk outside the Museum and are most visible after sunset. Learn more about Projected.

About Pei Ketron

Pei Ketron is a photographer, educator, speaker, and traveler based in San Francisco. Ketron was born in Taiwan and raised on the Navajo Nation in Arizona as part of a biracial household. As a child, she spent summers enduring the monsoons of the tropics and the remainder of the year running barefoot in the deserts of the American southwest.

Ketron holds a BA in psychology from Pomona College and an MA in both special education and assistive technology from Simmons College. In addition, she holds a credential in educational leadership and a certificate in digital marketing.

After a decade teaching special education in the public school system, Ketron now teaches photography classes privately and through companies such as Creative Live, the Image Flow, and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. She also serves as a photographic mentor for travel experiences with companies such as Passion Passport and has spoken at events such as Adobe MAX, SXSW, Alt Summit, and Start Conference. 

In addition to her experience with DSLR and medium-format film photography, Ketron is also an accomplished mobile photographer. She has amassed a following of nearly a million users on Instagram and was selected to be a part of Apple's Shot on iPhone 6 campaign.

Ketron specializes in travel and commercial photography in San Francisco and worldwide. Clients include: Adobe, All Nippon Airways, American Express, Apple, Canadian Tourism Commission, Carnival Cruises, Google, General Assembly, Mitsukoshi Isetan Group, Mercedes, Michael Kors, Pfizer, Save the Children, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Turkish Airlines, and UNICEF.

TOP IMAGE: © Pei Ketron