The Photography Foundations Intensive is the ideal program for beginning photographers interested in exploring and developing their creativity while acquiring the necessary technical knowledge and skills. Photographs are an integral part of our modern life, defining how we communicate while helping us understand and interpret our world. Through lectures, demonstrations, class discussions, and hands-on sessions in a supportive environment, students learn to effectively operate their cameras, control their digital workflow, process images, create interesting compositions, and prepare for exploring their photographic interests. Completing a Photography Foundations Intensive provides you with strong technical capabilities, developed visual sensitivities, and the artistic inspiration needed for capturing, organizing, processing, and presenting powerful imagery. 

Topics of study include:

  • Camera operation
  • Photographic theory 
  • Composition and visual literacy
  • Organizing and selecting pictures
  • Digitally processing images
  • Creative usage of light

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Understand and practice the technical aspects of image-making
  • Develop your creativity and visual comprehension
  • Capture powerful and meaningful pictures 
  • Manage your digital workflow effectively using Adobe Lightroom
  • Enhance your photographs intelligently using Adobe software to maximize their effect

Program Structure

Framework & Courses

Important Notes


No prior photography experience is needed for the Photography Foundations Intensive. Students must meet the prerequisites of each course they register for as part of the program. A camera capable of shooting RAW files (DSLR or mirrorless) is required.


Enrollment to the Photography Foundations Intensive is open throughout the year. The non-refundable registration fee is $450. Registered students receive special discounted rates for each of the courses required to complete their program ($600 accumulated discount), resulting in total savings of $150. 

As a limited promotion, ICP may approve and credit courses previously taken at ICP towards completion of the Photography Foundations Intensive, and adjust the registration fee and remaining discounts accordingly (see Special Promotion).


Students must pass all required courses before receiving ICP certification. All courses must be completed within a period of 1-year from the date of registration (excluding approved past courses). Once a student completes the requirements, a request for the certificate should be submitted using the button below. 

Image by ICP faculty member Christopher Giglio
Image by ICP faculty member Ports Bishop
Image by ICP faculty member Jeanette May