Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about receiving an education in photography from ICP, where you can learn how to be a photographer without a degree.

What types of photography programs does the International Center of Photography offer?

ICP offers a wide range of courses and workshops in digital and analog photography to help you complete an education in photography. Classes span from fundamental principles in image-making to exploring personal visions as you expand your abilities with the knowledge needed to further your practice as a photographer. Our Part-Time Certificate Programs provide students with a strategic sequence of classes drawn from our courses and workshops offerings comparable to what you can find at a fine art photography school.

ICP has three Full-Time Programs offering photography certification, two in-person: a One Year-Certificate in Creative Practices and a One-Year Certificate in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, and one online: a One-Year Certificate in Documentary Practice: Visual Storytelling.

Where are the classes held at ICP?

Please review the location for courses and workshops, as locations may vary. 

On-site photography classes in New York City are held at 79 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002.

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What are the Education Office hours?

We are open Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 6 PM. We are also closed New Year’s Day, January 1; Independence Day, July 4; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day, December 25. 

What are the library hours?

The library is currently open as a reading room only to ICP students at 79 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002.

How do I enter the building?

Guests are required to sign in at the entrance of the building at the front desk. All registered students enrolled in photography programs will be provided with an ID on the first day of class. The ID will help you gain access to the building. If an ID is not provided, please request one be made for you in the Education Office.

Are gift certificates for classes at ICP available?

No. We do not offer gift certificates for classes. If you are interested in purchasing a photography class as a gift, please contact the Education Office.

Where can I find out if my class is cancelled due to inclement weather?

Please call the ICP weather hotline at 212.857.9777. We suggest you call it before leaving home, as it will announce our decision. We also have this information posted on the website by 7:30 AM on the day of the photography course. 

One-Year Certificate

What are the One-Year Certificate Programs?

ICP's three One-Year Certificate Programs are Creative Practices, Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, and Documentary Practice: Visual Storytelling Online. Creative Practices embraces the study of photographic practices, including fine art, editorial, fashion, documentary, and experimental image production. Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism and Documentary Practice: Visual Storytelling Online focus specifically on the investigative skills and technical knowledge necessary to succeed and find photography opportunities in the complex and constantly changing world of visual journalism. 

Where can I find the academic calendar?

ICP's academic calendar can be found here.

What are the photography education requirements before receiving a certificate?

There are no degree requirements for the One-Year Programs; however, they are not designed for the beginner photographer. These programs are for intermediate to advanced photographers interested in a concentrated program or an alternative to traditional college for photographers to advance their photographic skills and education. 

How do I apply to enroll in a photography program at ICP?

Apply online for ICP's One-Year Certificate Programs. The following items are required of the applicant: a resume, statement of purpose, portfolio, image list, two letters of recommendation, application fee, and TOEFL/IELTS scores for international applicants.

How do I get assistance with my online application?

Contact us at admissions@icp.edu for assistance with your online application to ICP's One-Year Certificate Programs. 

Is there tuition assistance for accepted students?

Yes. Work-study opportunities are available for One-Year Certificate program students. Merit scholarships and fellowships are available to students.

How much is the cost of tuition?

Please see Admissions: One-Year Certificate for tuition information. 

Is it possible to obtain a certificate as a part-time student?

No. Due to the intensive nature of the programs and their curricula, all students enrolled in a One-Year Certificate program must be full-time students.

Part-Time Programs

What are the Part-Time Programs at ICP's photography school?

The Part-Time programs are multiple specialized programs ranging from Photography Foundations and Lighting to Visual Storytelling and Personal Vision and Portfolio, with additional certificates being added annually, giving you the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed for photography. Structured to fit students’ budgets and schedules with affordable photography courses, Part-Time Programs are affordable and flexible opportunities to launch or enrich photographers’ personal practice. By enrolling in Part-Time Programs students can hone their skills, build a portfolio, or begin a new path while studying in selected courses and workshops taught by some of the world's most accomplished and innovative practitioners.

Where can I find the academic calendar?

ICP's academic calendar can be found here.

What are the certification requirements?

ICP's part-time intensive certification requirements state Students must receive a “Pass” grade for all courses to be credited towards certification. All photography courses must be completed within a period of 1-year from the date of registration (excluding approved past courses). Additionally, to receive advanced level certificates (Visual Storytelling Intensive and Vision & Portfolio Programs) students need to present an edited and sequenced selection of 10-20 pictures from their personal project. Once a student completes the requirements, a request for the photography certificate should be submitted online.

How do I enroll in ICP's photography classes and Part-Time Programs?

Review the Part-Time Programs page online and determine if you meet the prerequisites for the program. If so, complete the online enrollment form and provide all requested information. You will be notified via email once your application has been approved and instructed on how to pay your registration fee. Students must pay the registration fee in full in order to complete their enrollment in the Part-Time Programs and begin taking courses toward their certificate. 

What is a prerequisite before getting started in photography courses and Part-Time Programs at ICP?

A prerequisite is the level of proficiency or technical ability needed to participate in a Part-Time Program or a specific course. Prerequisites are dependent on the level of classes offered and are in place to help ensure that students are appropriately prepared for the type of work to be addressed in the certificate. 

How do I get assistance with my online application?

Contact us at PartTime@icp.edu.

What is the deadline for registration?

Enrollment in all Part-Time Programs is available throughout the year. 

How much is the cost of tuition and what are the photography course prices?

The non-refundable registration fee is $450. Registered students receive special discounted rates for each of the courses required to complete their program ($600 accumulated discount), resulting in total savings of $150. 

Can past courses be credited?

Courses previously taken at ICP might be credited towards completion of the Part-Time Programs at ICP’s sole discretion (see Special Promotion). The registration fee and remaining discounts will be adjusted accordingly. Course discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

What is the refund policy for ICP's photography programs?

Registration fees for the Part-Time Programs are non-refundable. Please refer to our refund policy regarding courses and workshop registrations.

When should I register for courses?

In order to enjoy Part-Time Programs’ discounted course tuition rates, you should register for courses included in Intensives only after completing your enrollment in the program by paying your registration fees in full. Please note registration for courses and workshops is on a first-come-first-serve basis. To ensure your placement in classes of your choice, we recommend that you take advantage of the early course registration period offered exclusively to Part-Time Programs students, before all courses open to the public for the term. Join our mailing list to get notifications on how to register for ICP's courses right now. 

How do I register for courses?

Registration for courses and workshops included in Part-Time Programs can be done online through your student account. Please consult the Courses and Workshops FAQ page for additional details.

How do I receive my course discounts?

Students registered in Part-Time Programs will automatically be offered the discounted tuition rate when registering online for courses included in their respective programs. Please review our policies and photography course prices for additional information.

If I successfully complete a Part-Time Program at ICP, does that count as credit towards ICP’s Full-Time Programs?

Not at this time. The Part-Time Programs are separate from ICP’s Full-Time Programs. Completing a Part-Time Program can help you hone your skills and gain the knowledge needed in photography to build a portfolio for your Full-Time Program application. If you are accepted into a Full-Time Program, you will need to complete your photography program in full. 

Does ICP allow Part-Time Programs for high school students?

While we do not offer Part-Time Programs for high school students at this point, ICP’s Teen Academy program offers a range of opportunities for teenagers to develop their knowledge of photography and learn how to get started in photography. In-class sessions range from ten-week classes to a yearlong intensive program focusing on professional applications called Imagemakers.


Courses and Workshops

When will the schedule for courses and workshops be available?

New online courses and workshops are announced four times a year, and are posted three to four weeks in advance of the January, Spring, Summer, and Fall terms. Join our mailing list to get notifications on our upcoming photography opportunities. 

How do I register?

Review the course information online and determine if you meet the prerequisites for the course. If so, registration can be done online through your student account. If you have questions about the course, please email education@icp.edu.

What is the deadline for registration?

Registration for photography courses is on a first-come-first-serve basis. As long as a class is open, students are welcome to register up until the start date of the course. Applicants curious about these photography opportunities are welcome to register for classes as soon as each term's course catalog becomes available. To ensure your placement in the class of your choice, we recommend that you take advantage of early registration.

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite before registering for photography courses at ICP is the level of proficiency or technical ability needed to participate in a class. Prerequisites are dependent on the level of classes offered and are in place to help ensure that students are appropriately prepared for the type of work to be done in class.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio consists of 10–15 images of your work (digital and print formats accepted) that best represents your current photographic skill level. These images will help ICP determine which class will be the best fit.

Will I need to buy a camera for my class?

With the exception of Large Format Photography (4x5) courses, you will need your own camera equipment.

What is the typical class size during ICP's courses in photography?

Class size is limited to 15 students unless otherwise noted.

Are courses and workshops accredited?

Courses and workshops offered at ICP are non-accredited, and no grades are given. 

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to our refund policy.

Is there financial aid or payment plans for courses and workshops?

No. There are no financial aid or payment plans available for courses and workshops. To be registered for a class, each student must pay the full tuition price at the time of registration. Note: Members of ICP enjoy discounts on the photography course prices, lectures, and public programs. To become a member, email membership@icp.org or call 212.857.0003.

Is there any way to receive a discount on classes?

ICP members enjoy discounts on classes in addition to many other exclusive benefits. ICP offers additional promotions on some courses throughout the year to members. Learn how you can become a member.

What are acceptable payment methods for ICP's education programs?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Where can I find out more about what I need to have prepared for the first day of class?

Class preparation details are listed on the Class Prep tab on each course page. Additionally, the information will be included the email confirmation received after registration has been completed.

Does ICP offer classes for high school students?

Yes, we offer photography opportunities just for teens. ICPs Teen Academy program offers a range of opportunities for teenagers to develop their knowledge of photography. In-class sessions range from ten-week classes to a yearlong intensive program focusing on professional applications called Imagemakers.

Teen Academy

What is the Imagemakers Program, and how is it different from the 10-week Teen Academy courses?

The Imagemakers program is a year-long, advanced-level photography program providing high school students the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn the technical and professional skills necessary to pursue higher education or a career in photography. The 10-week classes are for beginner and intermediate photographers who are just getting started in photography. These courses are excellent for students looking to gain the knowledge needed to pursue photography as an extracurricular activity or for students looking to gain the prerequisites for the Imagemakers program.

Is Teen Academy just for high school students?

No. The requirements for Teen Academy allow teens ages 14–19 are eligible to enroll in Teen Academy courses.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available to teens curious about an education in photography before the start of each term.

When can I register?

Registration dates for ICP's photography programs are available here and registration is only available online. For assistance, please email teen_academy@icp.edu or call 212-857-0058.

Is there a summer program for teens?

Yes, there are summer courses available through Teen Academy. They are weeklong photography intensives that meet Monday–Friday from 11 AM – 3 PM.

Do I need my own equipment?

No. ICP has cameras available for Teen Academy students to use for the duration of their course.