Part-Time Programs

Additional information related to Part-Time Programs

Enrollment and Registration Fees

1. Students must submit the Part-Time Programs Enrollment Form and provide all requested information in order to apply for a Part-Time Program.

2. By submitting the Part-Time Enrollment Form students confirm they have read and met the prerequisites stated on the Part-Time Program’s webpage.

3. Any adjustments to Part-Time Programs’ registration fees following approval of credit for courses previously taken at ICP are at ICP’s sole discretion.

4. Students must pay the registration fee in full in order to enroll in the Part-Time Programs.

5. Registration fees for the Part-Time Programs are non-refundable.

Course Discounts

6. The number of course discounts available at the time of enrollment will be equivalent to the number of courses the student needs to complete in order to receive certification (after deducting approved past courses).

7. Course discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

8. Intensives’ course discounts cannot be combined with other ICP discounts.

9. Course discounts are valid for a period of one year after the date of enrollment in an Intensive. Course discounts will be voided if not used within this period.

10. Course discounts are non-transferable to other CE courses not included in an Intensive the student is actively enrolled in.

Course Registration

11. ICP’s Continuing Education Refund Policy and Classroom Disclaimer apply to students enrolled in the Part-Time Program unless stated otherwise below.

12. Students need to register for courses via ICP’s website, and will automatically be offered the discounted course tuition rate for courses included in their Intensive.

13. ICP has no obligation to offer all courses in a Part-Time Program each term.

14. ICP has no obligation to allocate registration to a specific course if the course’s maximum student capacity has been met.

15. Discounts are transferable only between courses included in the specific Intensive the student is enrolled in. Continuing Education transfer fees do apply.

16. Withdrawal from a course will credit the course discount for future courses within the Intensive. Continuing Education withdrawal fees do apply.

17. Failing to attend or to receive a “Pass” grade for a course does not credit the course discount for future use.

18. ICP reserves the right to cancel courses at its discretion, and apply relevant course discounts to future use.

19. ICP has no obligation to offer students alternative courses for registration within the same term in case of course cancellation.

20. Students who want to register for a course not included in their Part-Time Program of study and have it credited to the Program, must submit a written request to at least two weeks before the start of the course and receive approval before registering.


21. Students must receive a “Pass” grade for all courses to be credited towards certification.

22. All required courses must be completed within a period of one year from the date of enrollment in the Part-Time Program (excluding past courses).

23. Students must meet all the Part-Time Program’s requirements (published on ICP’s website) before requesting certification.

24. Students must submit the Certificate Request Form and list all relevant completed courses to receive certification.

25. Students will receive their shareable digital certificate via email once their request for certification has been approved.

Part-Time Programs’ Structure

26. ICP reserves the right to adjust the course options within stages of Part-Time Programs by adding or removing courses.

27. Courses completed by students will be credited to the certificate even if they are later removed from the Part-Time Programs’ set of approved courses.

Special Promotion

As a limited promotion, ICP will approve and credit courses previously taken at ICP towards completion of an Intensive. Past courses can be considered and approved as described below:

1. Students who have completed Continuing Education courses with ICP since January 1, 2019, and are interested in enrolling in an Intensive must specify which courses they would like to be credited to the Intensive when submitting their enrollment form.

2. Any adjustments of the registration fees following approval of past courses are at ICP’s sole discretion.

3. Requests for credit of past courses will not be considered after the student’s enrollment in the Intensive is confirmed.

4. In order to have past courses credited to enrollment in the Intensive, the courses must meet the following criteria:

  • The Continuing Education course at ICP must have been completed by the student after January 1, 2019. Courses studied at other institutions will not be considered.
  • Courses must be identical to, similar in content, or more advanced than equivalent courses listed as part of the Intensive.
  • Onsite courses can be credited toward online courses and vis-a-versa.

5. ICP reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or reject any request for credit of past courses towards Intensives.

6. ICP will confirm approval or rejection of credit of past courses prior to the student’s decision whether to enroll in the Intensive and complete payment of the registration fee.