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About the Programs

The Track, Advanced Track, and Online Low-Residency Programs are community-driven, academically structured post-baccalaureate programs grounded in our Continuing Education curriculum. All three programs can be tailored to the individual’s goals and level of proficiency with the medium; each student works directly with a faculty advisor for mentorship and course selection. Our Part-Time Programs are designed with a flexible curriculum to accommodate those balancing full-time jobs and other responsibilities and commitments. At the core of each program is a community of self-motivated students dedicated to serious inquiry and mutual support.

The Curriculum

Track Program

Students entering the Track Program have a basic working knowledge of photography, and a strong desire to study under the guidance of professional artists, photographers, and educators in a communal environment. Track Program students explore their relationship with the medium through uniquely designed critique-based seminars, as well as classes selected from the Continuing Education curriculum.

Drawing from and challenging the students with graduate level, theory-based readings and discussion, students gain perspective and an understanding of the medium that will inform their own work as they move forward in the program. Though students may begin the Track Program without a defined project in mind, they are guided to broaden their knowledge conceptually and to learn how to form a more defined focus and creative voice. The last semester of the program focuses on fully realizing and refining individual projects, culminating with a published class book of students’ photographic work.


The next cycle of the Track Program will begin in fall 2018.

Advanced Track Program

Students entering the Advanced Track Program have a strong technical and conceptual foundation, and a defined body of work on which they plan to focus. Students develop and refine their work through a sequence of unique critique-centric and experimental-based seminars while benefitting from the mentorship of a faculty advisor; electives are chosen from the Continuing Education curriculum to ensure a far-reaching investigation of the medium. The Advanced Track Program emphasizes the role of critique in the creative process; students are actively pushed to challenge and expand their established relationship with photography with the simultaneous support of the community. The program culminates in a student exhibition at the ICP School the following fall.


The next cycle of the Advanced Track Program will begin in winter 2019.

Online Low-Residency Program

Engage in an online photographic journey from conception to completion in a concise program of production and digital skill development. This program consists of three terms of both critique and skill-based seminars in a coordinated digital curriculum stressing creativity and contemporary photographic practice.

Students meet in two two-hour seminars every week for three terms. In one of the weekly seminars students, critique fellow classmate’s new photographs, explore seminal writings and contemporary critical theory, and develop a strong conceptual foundation for their work.

The second weekly seminar is a comprehensive two-hour exploration into Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and advanced Photoshop techniques. Over three terms students establish a productive and efficient workflow and build a foundation of deep understanding. Students will complete these seminars with proficiency in advanced layering, masking and blending techniques, thus maximizing all Lightroom has to offer.

Upon completion of the six seminars, students are invited for a one-week residency (five working days) in August at ICP in New York City to work with a master digital printing instructor in the editing and development of a printed portfolio. Students use ICP's facilities to make museum-quality archival prints under the leadership and guidance of working artists and professionals.

This program is open to international and domestic students. Seminars are all taught online in English using the latest available software. To assist in learning, students may replay any seminar through ICP's state-of-the-art online interface in order to practice and review concepts and ideas explored during class.

Students are responsible for all travel and lodging arrangements and expenses for the August residency. Online Low-Residency students are provided with all printing materials excluding paper and portfolios.


The next cycle of the Online Low-Residency Program will begin in fall 2018.

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Additional Info

Information Sessions

All info sessions are held from 6:30 to 7:30 PM at the ICP School, 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY.

May 9
June 5
July 12
August 8

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Application Process

An interview and a portfolio review are required for admission into the Track, Advanced Track, and Online Low-Residency Programs. MORE INFO


For additional information or to schedule an interview:
Ben Gest, Part-Time Programs Coordinator
[email protected]

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