Photographs are revelatory. The reading of one is a process of revisiting, reconsidering, and contemplation. Although they are forever frozen in time, photographs seem to unfold in different ways with the passage of time.

As much as photographs reveal, they are also mysterious objects of concealment. The information decidedly left out of the frame bears as much consequence as that contained within it. Photographs disregard logic and function more as a path toward interpretation than a vessel of the absolute.

Photographs are personal, not only in the decisions of their maker, but also in how they provoke the private world within the viewer. Photographs of consequence conceal themselves from predatory audiences who voraciously consume their color, pattern, and shape, and reveal themselves to be more than the sum of their parts.

The photographs in the exhibition CRYPSIS are documents that are familiar in everything that they depict. Yet, they do the very thing that often eludes photography: they transcend the individual parts that make them whole. These photographs invade the vulnerability of our delicate psychology. Their beauty beckons the viewer to consume them. What they conceal, however, is what makes them whole, and what waits to be discovered in them reveals the fragility of our survival within modern times.

This exhibition showcases work by eight recent graduates of the International Center of Photography’s Advanced Track Program. Students enrolled in ICP’s Part-Time Programs participate in a series of unique seminars exploring ideas and materials and create comprehensive bodies of work. Graduates from these programs have continued on as working artists, attended prestigious graduate schools, and been awarded grants and scholarships, including a Fulbright Scholarship, along with many other recognitions of their work.

This exhibition is curated by Ben Gest, associate chair of part-time programs, and Jean Marie Casbarian, faculty.


Jo Ann Chaus, Richard Lawrence, Michael M. Lopez, Prab Naththarampatha, Steve Park, Andrew Siedenburg, Forrest Simmons, and Aaron Russell Smith.

Gallery Hours

Monday–Sunday | 10 AM–6 PM

Opening Reception

Friday, September 28 | 6–8 PM

TOP IMAGE: © Prab Naththarampatha