The photographers in flēan strip away the skin of societal conformity and conventions that we succumb to in the realization of ourselves, revealing the sensitive flesh both of which we are and of those we love. This exhibition flays off the outer coverings that protect us from the dangers that self-identification, inner exploration, and outer vulnerability expose us to.

Flēan relies on codes and cues of society, class, culture, and ideology as a puzzle of pieces in the construction of their meaning. Images in this show explore the way place can invoke our susceptibility and how our bodies are our limitations. The skin, the very thing that protects us from the world we navigate, is stripped away. Through various explorations in materials and processes, these images address the most private parts of our beings, the relationships we carry through our lives, and the world in which we live.

This exhibition showcases work by nine recent graduates of the International Center of Photography’s Advanced Track Program. Students enrolled in ICP’s Part-Time Programs participate in a series of unique seminars exploring ideas and materials and create comprehensive bodies of work. Graduates from these programs have continued on as working artists, attended prestigious graduate schools, and been awarded grants and scholarships, including a Fulbright Scholarship, along with many other recognitions of their work.

This exhibition is curated by Ben Gest, Part-Time Programs coordinator, and Jean-Marie Casbarian, faculty.

In memory of Harry Sandler, whose impact on each of us will not be forgotten.


Diane Drinnon, Elena Genovese, Hanna Grankvist, Anne Joyce, Eric Patel, Carolina Saez, Sonia Salvador, Harry Sandler, and Ronnie Yang.

Gallery Hours

Monday–Sunday | 10 AM–6 PM

Opening Reception

The opening reception for flēan will be held Friday, December 1 from 6 to 8 PM.

TOP IMAGE: © Carolina Saez