The ICP School’s Track, Advanced Track, and Online Low-Residency Programs are designed to help students define a creative vision, improve their skills, and expand their knowledge of photography. Come learn more about these programs and which one might be right for you.

New cycles of the Track and Online Low-Residency Programs will start in fall 2018. The next cycle of the Advanced Track Program will begin in winter 2019. We are currently accepting applications for all three programs online.

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About Our Programs

The Track Program is a three-term program open to 12 students who want to pursue photography at a higher level than they might ever have before. In their first term, students enroll in the first of three required seminars exclusive to the Track curriculum. In this weekly seminar, students examine contemporary and historical ideas surrounding photography, and participate in weekly critiques of new work supported by critical and theoretical readings and discussions. In addition to the Track seminar class, students generally enroll in one or two elective courses each term, selected from the broader Continuing Education course offerings. A total of three Track seminars and six elective courses is required in order to complete the Track Program.

The Advanced Track Program is a three-term program open to 12 intermediate students who possess a strong working knowledge of contemporary photography and are ready to pursue a further investigation of technical and theoretical issues as it relates to their own artistic vision and the broader context of contemporary photographic production. Each week, students meet for two structured seminars, one focusing on critique and the creation of new photographic work, the other providing specific skills mastery and methods towards refining vision and craft. The critique seminar provides vigorous examination of new student work supported by critical and theoretical readings and discussions. The technical seminar facilitates the creation of student artist books, websites, and statements, and covers grant and fellowship applications, digital workflow and high-end image production, and promotion of best practices. Students also select two electives from the broader Continuing Education course offerings. The program culminates in an exhibition.

The Online Low-Residency Program is a three-term program that consists of both critique and skill-based seminars in a coordinated digital curriculum stressing creativity and contemporary photographic practice. Upon completion, students are invited for a one-week residency (5–7 working days) in August at ICP in New York City to work with a master digital printing instructor in the editing and development of a printed portfolio. This program is open to international and domestic students. Seminars are all taught online in English utilizing the latest available software. To assist in learning, students may replay any seminar through ICP’s state-of-the-art online interface in order to practice and review concepts and ideas explored during class.

TOP IMAGE: © Forrest Simmons