Signal Crossings features work by graduating students of ICP’s One-Year Certificate programs in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, General Studies in Photography, and New Media Narratives.

The work in this exhibition gives meaning to the power of photography to educate and inform, to probe and unveil stories and situations that are rarely geographically far from lived experience. The desire to cross boundaries and engage with new and diverse histories echoes the ethos of ICP founder Cornell Capa, who recognized the role of photography in society and the value of a joint school and museum as a place where communities can learn and grow collectively.

With billions of images made and shared globally every day, the work in Signal Crossings asks us to slow down and actually look, listen, and read, and consider your friends, the person you just walked past, or the paper you hold in your hand. The photographs, books, zines, videos, new media projects, installations and performances offer stories to incite empathy and wonder. These artists are not youthful cynics, but driven by concern and fascination with the world around us.

Signal Crossings is curated by Cynthia Young and Mamie Heldman.


Owise Abuzaid, Thomas Agoglia, Giustina Anitsuig, Alphanso Appleton, Alan Awakim, Roy Baizan, Molly Bergström, Lucia Buricelli, Katie Busey, Cristian Caceres Granda, Gina Calderone, Eric Cederlund, Lynna Kuan-Ling Chen, Yang Chen, Morgan Court, Federico Cruz, Eva Deitch, Marissa Delano, Robert Distasio, Magalí Druscovich, Amit Elkayam, Mohammed Elshamy, Alex Esin, ewai, Ye Fan, Olivia Fernandez, Sara M. Fernández, Mariano Fernández González, Esther Flytkjær, Annie Forrest, Hannah Fox, Fie Franciska, Ilona Golovina, Troels Haahr Graugaard, Undine Groeger, Annie Grossinger, Amir Hamza, Margaux Helleu, Andrea Hernandez, Dylan Hull, Dakota Hunter, Betty Young Kim, Cheonbong Ko, Olavo Winckler Kuhn, Richard Lawrence, Drew R. Leventhal, Lanny Xiuzhu Li, Bleue Liverpool, Katherine Janel Lockward, Michelangelo Missoni, Abigail Montes, Bruna Moreira, Rebecca Morrello, Victoria Morris, Gabriel Boaz Munhoz, Kayoko Nakamura, Ines Sofia Niarchos, Oscar Ochoa, Tanya Pedra, Sharon Pulwer, Melanie Ramirez-Garces, David Ramos, Dane Rhys Jones, Natalia Rivera, Luis Antonio Rojas, Vera Saldivar de Lira, Kanishka Sonthalia, Jodie C Taylor, Niko Tsirogiannidis, Aakash Varma, Ruobang Wang, Keila Jenaí Watkins, Alex Williams, Young Yun, Alexey Yurenev, Carly Zeng, Yichen Zhong, and Judi Zhang.

Gallery Hours

10 AM–6 PM

Opening Reception

Friday, June 22 | 6–9 PM
ICP School, 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

TOP IMAGE: © Betty Kim