New Media Narratives

One-Year Certificate Program
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ICP's One-Year Certificate programs provide advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study to strengthen personal vision, refine skills and technique, and explore the many disciplines informing media and art today.

About the Program

The New Media Narratives program at ICP provides students with a strong background in photography, visual storytelling, and technologies for digital art and interactive media. The program encourages students to make engaging and collaborative work, and to tell stories using a variety of new tools and platforms.  The program is designed to encourage the spirit of innovation emerging among photographers and artists as they explore new possibilities for creating work and engaging audiences.

At ICP, students acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to create visual stories for a networked, wired world, while developing an understanding of the rapidly changing contemporary media landscape. In this era of collaborative consumption, social platforms have imploded how digital content is produced, distributed, and consumed. People upload an average of 1.8 billion digital images daily. Stories are shaped by and delivered through screens, mobile devices, and VR headsets. In turn, these platforms are changing how photographers and storytellers approach their craft—new skills are now required to tell the important stories of the day.

Legacy media no longer have a built-in mass audience. Facilitated by good storytelling, most digital interactions are intimate, one-on-one experiences between content creators and their audiences. In making stories, with a camera or a keyboard, we create and share what is meaningful to us, and delve into the stories that illuminate issues we feel strongly about, the stories we want to tell through light, shadow, and code. As innovative storytellers, together we will explore, construct, and help to define a new visual literacy.

The students from the class of 2016 were involved in organizing ICP’s first-ever Hackathon assisted in curating real-time exhibits for the ICP Museum's inaugural show, Public, Private Secret. All students participated in an end-of-year show, Another Kind of Paradise with work that ranged from prints to interactive screens to installations, and from video to VR.

ICP welcomes students from all backgrounds and aims to create a diverse and inclusive student body. In 2016, our One-Year Certificate program included students from more than 28 different countries.

Student Perspectives

I found out that a work can be extended so much in both traditional and new media directions, as long as one has a good understanding of different mediums. I think here at ICP, they teach students to understand those mediums better. Especially in New Media Narratives program, the teachers showed us many great artworks that connect closely with today’s newest technology, which was really mind-expanding. At the same time, they teach us how to use those technologies in the best ways to serve storytelling instead of just using them for the sake of using them. I can see what’s happening now and what will keep happening is that ICP is attracting not only those who want to be photographers but also  want to become editors, filmmakers, project managers, digital artists, designers, etc.

Muyi Xiao, NMN '16

The New Media Narratives program has opened my eyes to new ways of visual storytelling. I now consider a project as an opportunity to expand the media I use and not just limit myself to still photographs. The program creates a safe space for students to experiment with photography, audio, video, websites, data, and other emerging technologies like virtual reality. We are not blindly chasing trends. Instead, we are trained to think about the right platforms and mediums to deliver specific messages, and to choose the best one to tell the right story with—images, text, motion, sound…or something more immersive? The ICP faculty and students together form a very collaborative multimedia production team. We all bring in different backgrounds and expertise, and help each other grow.

– Mengwen Cao, NMN '16

Additional Info

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The Curriculum

Classes and Faculty 2016–17


Seminar: Narrative Storytelling for the Screen — John Benton
Introduction to Cinematography — Rahul Sharma
Design and Code One — Elizabeth Kilroy
Understanding Photographic Composition for Visual Storytellers and Artists — Anja Hitzenberger
Images and Ideas — Fred Ritchin
Technical Workflow Lab using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop — Various
Technical Seminar in Black and White Photography — Brain Young
Selected lighting classes and workshops — Various


Creative Video Editing — Stefanie Dworkin
Audio Storytelling (two weekends) — Mia Lobel
Introduction to VR & 360° Video (two weekends) — Andrea Cattaneo
Intro to Script Writing for New Media — Eric Emma


Seminar 2: UX and Design — Elizabeth Kilroy
Design and Code Two — Rich Harris
Mobile Storytelling — Benjamin Jens Norskov
Photography and Narrative — Will Steacy
Images and Ideas — Fred Ritchin
Multi-Platform Art and  Narrative — John Benton
Film and Photography — Edward Ratliff & Anja Hitzenberger
Sound Design — Seth Cluett (5 weeks)
Digital Technical Seminar – Various


Motion Graphics Using After Effects One — Fabiana Sala
Advanced Audio — Mia Lobel
Stepping into VR (two weekends) — Debra Anderson McGrory
Projection Mapping — Claudia Sohrens
Making a Zine in InDesign (two weekends) — Elizabeth Kilroy


Seminar 3: Future Storytelling — Elizabeth Kilroy
End of Year Show Production Seminar — Phil Bicker
Design and Code Three — Rodrigo De Benito Sanz
Computational Photography — Sean Justice (5 weeks)
Making Images Using New Technologies — Andrew Buckland (5 Weeks)
Author and Audience: You and Me as Data Points — Lam Thuy Vo
Conversations Guest Lecture Series — Elizabeth Kilroy
Curating and Editing for Old and New Media — TBD


Motion Graphics Using After Effects Two — Fabiana Sala
Projection Mapping — Claudia Sohrens
Games for Social Good (two weekends) — Benjamin Jens Norskov
Digital Art (two weekends) — TBD
Script Writing for New Media Two — Eric Emma

Alumni Work

Installation Shot of Create/Consume by Evan Cisneros
Installation Shot of Create/Consume by Evan Cisneros
Here We Are
Here We Are
Linda Rosier One Year Certificate Show 2016
Linda Rosier One Year Certificate Show 2016
The Chair
Elizabeth Kilroy is an award-winning interactive designer and educator, who is passionately interested in the future of storytelling. Since 2000, ElizabethK Studio has helped a wide variety of clients create engaging content that harnesses the ever-changing possibilities of the web. In 2013, Kilroy founded Callan Design Media, which aims to bring important nonfiction stories to a new generation through design, technology, and emergent storytelling. Kilroy's teaching experience includes course offerings at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in the Photography & Imaging Department and the NYU/Magnum Foundation Summer Human Rights Program.