Join us for the opening reception of In Search of Lost Time, an exhibition of work by 21 alumni from 10 of ICP’s full-time educational program graduating classes.

In Search of Lost Time explores photography’s relationship with memory and its influence on our personal perceptions as well as our collective consciousness. Culled from completed, new, and evolving projects, the exhibition includes videos, trans-media, and photographic prints.

Featured Artists

Kinuko Esther Asano (DOC 2017), Maria BilbaoHerrera (GS 2012), Sarah Blesener (DOC 2016) & Cédric von Niederhäusern (DOC 2016) with Robert Langellier, Camilla Cerea (DOC 2014), Jeri Coppola (GS 1989), Marjolaine Gallet (GS 2013), Kasia Gumpert (MFA 2014), Jhe Ming Hsu (GS 2013), Ivana Larrosa (MFA 2016), Paula Lombardi (GS 2016), Stacy Mehrfar (GS 2002), Caterina Miani F. (GS 2016), Heather M. O'Brien (GS 2009), Un-hee Park (GS 2010), Louise Prévert (GS 2013), Laís Pontes (GS 2011), Verónica Puche (MFA 2016), David B. Smith (MFA 2007), Daniel Temkin (MFA 2012), Eliso Tsintsabadze (GS 2016) & Pavel Filkov (GS 2016).

TOP IMAGE: Louise Prévert, Brouette, from the series Etoile Filante, 2014. © Louise Prévert