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The Intimate Lens

Date Apr 07, 2016
Type Panel

Three ICP School alumni will present work made by turning their cameras towards the stories closest to them, a means to understanding and processing emotional passages in their lives.  In “Cancer Family,” World Press winner Nancy Borowick documented her parents battle with cancer, their love story, and their subsequent deaths. In “Hesitating Beauty,” Joshua Lutz presents a monograph on his relationship to his mother’s mental illness, and a childhood built on fiction and fact. In “Left Behind,” Kerry Payne Stailey explores firsthand the complicated grief facing those who lose somebody they love to suicide, and in “The Children (I Never Had)” Payne Stailey pays tribute to women battling infertility and the lost dream of motherhood.  


  • Nancy Borowick — Cancer Family; Cancer Family Ongoing
  • Joshua Lutz — Hesitating Beauty  
  • Kerry Payne — Left Behind; The Children (I Never Had) 

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