#ICPConcerned: An Expanded Forum to Document Your Responses to This Moment

Jul 14, 2020
Francis Ybanez, Hands up, Fairfax, Los Angeles. May 30, 2020, California, United States of America. © Francis Ybanez

On March 20, ICP launched an open call to our global community to make, post, and tag images in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with #ICPConcerned, a hashtag that  takes its name from our founding principle to champion “concerned photography”—socially and politically minded images that can educate and change the world.

By mid-May there were over 20,0000 images tagged. On May 25, George Floyd was murdered and #ICPConcerned also became a forum for representations of protests against police brutality and marches in support of Black lives around the world. There are now over 31,000 images documenting this tumultuous year with submissions from more than 50 countries. Documentary photographs sit next to metaphorical images; amateur pictures are uploaded alongside the work of professional imagemakers. A whole range of emotions is present: anger, despair, loss, confusion, frustration, boredom, loneliness, strength, and resolve.

In March, we asked: What are the best ways for photography to be a portal to community? How are we to picture the current situation? What can be photographed? Four months later, those questions continue to resonate.

Show us how you are responding in this moment. We want to see what you are capturing and creating, whether single-images, photo sequences, image-text work, video, audio, or any combination. Share your images and stories with ICP by using #ICPConcerned on Instagram and we’ll post select images on @ICP. We look forward to seeing your work.

See our statement on Photography and Social Media Today for resources and more information. 

We care about everyone’s health, so please ​do not take any unnecessary risks. Be safe and be sure to follow public health guidelines in all our countries while working and creating