#ICPConcerned: A Forum for All to Document the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 20, 2020
© Lucy Bohnsack

At the International Center of Photography, we know the value of communication in difficult times. We know the value of human life, of wellbeing, and solidarity. The current COVID-19 crisis has brought forced isolation and social distancing, striking at our core principles of humanity, outreach, and unity. We are, after all, the defining school and museum for concerned photography in all its forms, with a founder who believed in chronicling important world events.

What are the best ways for photography to be a portal to community? How are we to picture the current situation? What can be photographed? There are great challenges but photography has always thrived on challenge and proved its ability to adapt.

We would love to see what you are creating in this moment. Share your images and stories with ICP by using #ICPConcerned on Instagram and we’ll post select images on @ICP. This will function as an imagined community of our voices—speculative, open, and urgent. 

Show us how you are responding. We will be flexible, and as the situation develops, we will expect the unexpected. Single images. Photos sequences. Image-text work. Video. Audio. You are invited to share your responses. Together we can continue to build and strengthen our community.

We care about everyone’s health, so please ​do not take any unnecessary risks. Be safe and be sure to follow public health guidelines in all our countries while working and creating.