ICP Presents Another Kind of Paradise, the 2016 One-Year Certificate Program Exhibition

Jun 07, 2016
© Evan Cisneros
© Evan Cisneros

The International Center of Photography will present an exhibition of work by its 2016 one-year certificate program students from June 25–August 7, 2016, in the Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery. An opening reception will be held June 24 from 6–9 pm. The exhibition is curated by Elizabeth Kilroy, Darin Mickey, and Alison Morley.

Another Kind of Paradise is the result of a year of study at ICP and highlights a project by each of our 70 graduating students. Projects are conceived and created throughout their year of study. Accompanied by a more in-depth slideshow as well as interactive, multi-media, and video components, this exhibition demonstrates the great diversity of students, subject matter, and media platforms that ICP students share.

The exhibition includes work from three of ICP’s one-year certificate programs: Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, New Media Narratives, and General Studies in Photography.

“We are excited to roll out the first iteration of our year-end exhibition to include our New Media Narratives program. We think photographic education is heading in really interesting new directions, and the breadth of work in this show–from pictures to collages to web projects to installations, books, and video–is demonstrative of the diversity of approaches we are seeing in our students’ work,” said Marina Berio, chair of the General Studies in Photography program.

“Documentary photography and visual journalism are the foundational practices of ICP. This year’s graduating class honors and continues this legacy, utilizing new technologies to become great storytellers in various forms: from analog black and white prints to transmedia platforms,” said Alison Morley, chair of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program.

“New Media Narratives invites students to create stories at the convergence of photography, art, media, video, mobile, virtual reality, and digital technology. The 2016 one-year certificate programs exhibition at ICP showcases non-fiction and hybrid projects using transmedia storytelling, screen-based interactive projects, video, and experimental VR. The work contributes to a vibrant and innovative show, seeking to engage audiences through the use of technology, visual aesthetics, mobile media, photography, video, and audio to shift the boundaries of author and viewer”, said Elizabeth Kilroy, chair of the New Media Narratives Program.

The three one-year certificate programs in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, New Media Narratives, and General Studies in Photography provide advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study that strengthens personal vision, teaches professional practices, and explores the many disciplines that inform media and art today.

The Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program focuses on the investigative skills and technical knowledge necessary to succeed in the complex and constantly changing world of media platforms in visual journalism and documentary photography. With ICP’s long-standing commitment to documentary practice, this program engages faculty who are among the foremost practitioners in the photographic field. Visiting photographers discuss new media, visual storytelling, and long-term projects, as well as the political, ethical, and social concerns behind a photograph.

The General Studies in Photography program embraces the study of fine art photographic practices and experimental image production. The program explores the history of photography, contemporary theory, and craft. Critiques of student work, conversations with visiting artists, and discussions of contemporary ideas and artwork help students extend the possibilities of self-expression, while building a foundation for ongoing, meaningful, and content-driven individual and collective practice.

The New Media Narratives program at ICP is a new one-year certificate program offering a strong background in photography, visual storytelling, and technologies for digital and interactive media. The program allows students to make engaging and collaborative work, tell stories using a variety of new tools and platforms, and develop a well-rounded understanding of the rapidly changing contemporary media landscape. The program is designed to encourage the spirit of innovation emerging among photographers and artists as they explore new possibilities for creating work and engaging audiences.

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