Another Kind of Paradise features work by graduating students of ICP’s one-year certificate programs in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, New Media Narratives, and General Studies in Photography. This exhibition is curated by Elizabeth Kilroy, Darin Mickey, and Alison Morley.

Featured Artists

Taylor Ahearn, Mohamed AlMannai, Natalia Augustyn, Paul Barcena, Sarah Blesener, Roger Bucher, Cyndie Burkhardt, Mengwen Cao, Daphne Chan, Francesco Chiot, Evan Cisneros, Daniela Constantini, Leda Costa, SECrosby, An Debie, Dana deLaski, Elizabeth Egan, Hillary Eggers, Ottavia Fabbri, Bruno Feder, Mariajosé Fernández-Plenge, Denice Flores Almendares, Zeyad Gohary, Miles Goscha, Xinran Gu, Nathalie Guio, Michelle Shannon, Caitlin Healy, Mamie Heldman, Chaofan Huang, Kunal Kohli, Stephanie Kuo, Florence Li, Paula Lombardi, Tomás Mantilla Lozano, Renan Meira Gascho, Caterina Miani Fernández, Jalen Miller, Janine Moodhe, Igor Morales, Tomo Morisawa, Mariana Munaretto Guzzo, Sofía Muñoz Boullosa, Nguyen Anh Mai, Cédric von Niederhäusern, Catherine Night, Phill O’Leary, Pietro Pasolini, Pedro Pedreira, Ricardo Ribeiro, Diego Ramos, Arlene Roberts, Cinthya Santos Briones, Marcella Conti, Susan Sawyers, Tim Serrano, Eryn Shaffer, Jake Sigal, Haley Stevens, Inuuteq Storch, Alexander Taylor, Thee Tham, Melanie Tjoeng, Eliso Tsintsabadze, Wentao Wei, William Wu, Muyi Xiao, Jiawei Zhao, Tong Zhou.

Opening Reception

Friday, June 24 | 6–9 PM
Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery, ICP School


© Mengwen Cao
Jay Jiawei Zhao
© Mariana Guzzo
© Florence Li
© Xiao Muyi
© Mamie Heldman
© Cyndie Burkhardt
© Kunal Kohli
© Chaofan Huang
© Bella Egan
© Sarah Blesener
© Michelle Hall

Special Thanks

ICP’s One-Year Certificate Programs 2016 Student Exhibition is made possible in part through the generous support of The Wall Street Journal.