The Underground Almanac features work by graduating students of ICP’s One-Year Certificate programs in Creative Practices, Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, and New Media Narratives.

One year can be an indistinguishable blur of daily routine or it can be transformative. In the space of a single year, or less, one can galvanize a community, tell a rich story, build a visual language, or lay the foundation for new ways of looking, making, and being.

Photographic media have always contended with this subjective experience of duration—whether time moves fast or whether it’s stopped for a single instant that can be examined forever. ICP’s One-Year Certificate Programs students have each found ways of contending with photographic time and the tumultuous time in which we find ourselves.

Some took on urgent issues of inclusion and exclusion and human rights, some explored how the lens revealed facets of their own identity. Some have even contemplated deep time. Each student stretched themselves to experiment with new materials, new digital tools, and new ways of thinking about the image.

The distances these students in the Creative Practices, Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, and New Media Narratives programs have come, their momentous growth in the span of less than one year, serves as an inspiration. As ICP enters a new era and moves to our new permanent home at Essex Crossing on the Lower East Side, we celebrate this final exhibition and all the possibilities it represents. 

Curated by Joanna Lehan with Undine Groeger


Tracey Altman, Daniela Amézquita, Luisa Ayub, K. Linnea Backe, Jooeun Bae, Giacomo Bonfante, Laura Bregman, Rochelle Brock, Rafaella Castagnola, Vasia Charalambide, Yangzi Chen, Cole Davis, Amartya De, Bastien Deschamps, Diane Drinnon, Katherine Dumke, Lila Engelbrecht, Alex Esin, Yasmine Fathelbab, Lev Fazio, Rebeca Gutierrez Fickling, Peter Fisher, Paola Martinez Fiterre, Zoe Freilich, Azumi Fukouka, Mercedes Gorostiaga, Bing Guan, Alice Holland, Shao-Feng Hsu, Xiyu Hu, Nichol Hustel, Emir Ibrahimof, Yuki Iwamura, Dane Rhys, Amira Karoud, Itamar Dotan Katz, Yuvraj Khanna, Roshni Khatri, Sunho “Claire” Lee, Noah Letcavage, Lanny Xiuzhu Li, Alejandro Rafael Lopez, Aidan Loughran, Daniela Garza Maldonado , Victoire Mandonnaud, OK McCausland, DEKA, Hasna Muhammad, Maria Muzalevskaya, Kayoko Nakamura, Obinna Obioma, Diego Oliver la Rosa, Cheney Orr, Jay Patel, Stefanie Perotte, Max Posner, Nicholas Proscia, Allie Provost, Anwar Ragep, Noa Raviv, Patti Sanford Roberts, Daniel Rolider, Jose Antonio Rosas, Fabiana Ruggiero, Jade Sacker, Nick Sansone, Julian Jimsa, Nora Savosnick, Dylan Schattman, Samantha Sutcliffe, Marie Louise Taarnskov, Ada Tanquerel, Alina Tiphagne, Isabella Bernal Vega, Simi Vijay, Julie Vogel, Sascha von Bismarck, Anna Watts, Amira Wedeman, Charlin Wu, and Fernando Zelaya.

Gallery Hours

10 AM–6 PM

Opening Reception

Friday, June 14 | 6–9 PM


Image: © OK McCausland
© Yangzi Chen and Noa Raviv
© Amartya De
© Jose Rosas
© Shao-Feng Hsu
© Julian Jimsa
© Simi Vijay
© Nick Sansone
© OK McCausland
© Tracey Altman
© Marie Louise Taarnskov