To mark the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, arguably the most inclusive and effective protest movement of the past decade, the International Center of Photography presents Occupy! The exhibition is on view at Governors Island and features photographs and films inspired by the movement, which began in New York on September 17, 2011.

Occupy! acknowledges the relevance of popular protest during this crucial presidential election year, and celebrates the significant uses of photography, film, and social media in recording and communicating the message of the OWS movement. The exhibition features media from interested photographers who have submitted their work to ICP, both professional and amateur. The structure of the multi-medium exhibition changes over the course of its six-week run and includes hundreds of photographic prints related to the protests, as well as film screenings, digitally displayed crowd-sourced imagery, and special events.

Organized by Rachel Seed.

A crowd of protestors and a sign in the foreground, "99%". Jeremy Ayers
A man winking at the camera, holding the American flag in his hand. Raymond Adams
Protesters with a sign that says, "Fuck Wall Street". Alexander Arpag
A man with hand tattoos lifting up a torn newspaper, pointing at a picture of protests. Bart Babinski
A series of profiles of people with signs declaring their demands for wage equality. Vanessa Bahmani
An aerial view of cops protecting a skyscraper. R. Bram
Protestors from the Occupy Wall Street protests. Brennan Cavanaugh
Someone wearing a gas mask standing in front of a skyscraper and they are raising a sign that says, "End Wars". Julian Feller Cohen
Two old men in suits with their hands behind their backs. Romain Corvez
The facial profile of a gaunt women with her hair tied back. Lauren DeCicca
Five NYPD cops slamming an unarmed women against the hood of a police cruiser. Natan Dvir
A stern cop with a look of concern in his eyes. Caleb Ferguson
The side profile of a young woman inside a makeshift tarp tent. Alessandro Ghirelli
A disgruntled older man in a beard with a leather jacket looking on. Cassandra Giraldo
A young woman raising the peace symbol as she is being escorted by two cops. Steven Greaves
A tired anarchist with his head in his hands during the Occupy Wall-Streeter movement. Shin Woong Jae
Two young protestors with a sign that says, "Shut it down." Danielle Kelly
A homeless man sleeping on the streets bathed in the glow of a credit card advertisement. Jessica Lerhman
A daughter on the shoulders of her mother, waving an American flag. Rebecca Letz
A man slumped against a wall while a cop in front of him looks onwards holding zip ties and a well worn batton. Andre Malerba