Moment of Recognition is an exploration of portraiture in the new millennium. Intrigued by what is revealed when a split-second in time is captured, curator Amy Arbus asked her former students and teaching assistants to submit images of subjects that were in motion, either physically or emotionally. Included in the hundred or so prints on view are images of reality TV star wannabes, male escorts, survivors of genocide, Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg, self-portraits, and functional as well as dysfunctional families. This new generation of photographers combine various genres like reportage, fashion, lifestyle, and sports to reinvent portraiture and create pictures uniquely their own. Each of the portraits implies a narrative or inspires the viewer to create one.

Myriam Abdelaziz
Michele Asselin
Keziban Barry
Joan Lobis Brown
Stefen Chow
Mischa Christen
Barnett Cohen
Raeford Dwyer
Daniel Ebenstein
Lucia Fainzilber
Susan Falzone
Kristen Fortier
Josh Gelman
Leslie Granda-Hill
Benjamin Heller
Claire Houston
Daniel Hurlburt
Maria Irl
Dina Kantor
David Karmeli
David Kimelman
Leif Larson
Gillian Laub
Sana Manzoor
Calli McCaw
Robert McCaw
Jennifer McClure
Anna Medvedeva

Erin Meehan
Patricia Mendez
David Miller
Frank Mullaney
Meike Nixdorf
Susann Nuernberger
Heather M. O'Brien
Leah Overstreet
Hollis Rafkin-Sax
Steve Riskind
Sean Ross
Donna Ruskin
Stephan Sagmiller
Katarina Salmela
Joel Sanders
David Sansone
Julia Schawe
Robin Siegel
George Sierzputowski
Ali Smith
John Spellos
Maura Sullivan
Paul Szynol
Coco Lee Thuman
Beth Van Hoeven
Mindy Véissid
Jim Wilson

© Myriam Abdelaziz
© Keziban Barry
© Joan Lobis Brown
© Stefen Chow
© Mischa Christen
© Barnett Cohen
© Susan Falzone
Leslie Granda-Hill
© Daniel Hurlburt
© Maria Irl
© Gillian Laub
© Patricia Mendez
© David Miller
© Susann Nuernberger
Heather O'Brien
© Donna Ruskin
© Joel Sanders
© Stephan Sagmiller
© George Sierz
© Maura Sullivan