All Utilities Included explores the role of the camera in reflecting the world around us and the ways in which those manifestations are internalized and understood on a personal level.

With the question “What is a camera good for?” at the center of the conversation, the members of the ICP-Bard MFA class of 2017, each in their own way, point to the disturbances and comforts of introspection in the midst of a turbulent world. The exhibition challenges viewers to think beyond the subject or situation in front of the camera and examine the many emotions and stories packed within each.


Sasha Louis Bush, Marla Hernandez, Gülsüm Kavuncu, Sam Margevicius, Hyungjo Moon, Emile Rubino, Melchior de Tinguy, Cristina Velásquez, Nechama Winston

Opening Reception

Friday, March 31 | 6–8 PM
ICP School, 1114 Avenue of the Americas

Cristina Velásquez, Leaf-Hats. © Cristina Velásquez
Emile Rubino, According to the Microwave. © Emile Rubino
Gülsüm Kavuncu, My Neighbor’s Horse. © Gülsüm Kavuncu
Hyungjo Moon, Dunkin. © Hyungjo Moon
Marla Hernandez, Blanket. © Marla Hernandez
Melchior de Tinguy, Plein air ballad #1. © Melchior de Tinguy
Nechama Winston, Cinder Dog. © Nechama Winston
Sam Margevicius, 3.26. © Sam Margevicius
Sasha Louis Bush, 2 Triangles. © Sasha Louis Bush