Celebrating twenty years of collaboration, the International Center of Photography and the High School of Fashion Industries welcome you to our virtual exhibition.

This gallery features photographs created by high school students in ICP’s Community Partnership with HSFI. The yearlong program includes an in-school foundation photography course, an after-school beginner’s class, and an intermediate documentary workshop.

As visual thinkers and creators experiencing these unprecedented times, our students had the opportunity to take pause and explore from the inside out. Using their camera phones and other digital devices, students photographed their daily lives, exploring the visual and cultural elements of their homes, families, and neighborhoods during this period.

As the overarching goal is to support the next generation of storytellers, we congratulate our students and are proud to share their talents with you.


Image: © Mahlah Walker
The inside of a packed refrigerator.
The half of a girls face. © Amy Wu
A picture of someone doing an online class. © Benerlin Martinez
A girl looking away with a face mask. © Bree Webster
A girl on her laptop on her bed. © Carys Gomez Morales
A picture of a mother and daughter with a microphone. © Charmaine Cera
A Black man sitting with his arms folded under his chin © Christon Blackman
A framed picture of toilet paper. © Dania Vazquez
Looking through binoculars. © Demetric Johnson
A person standing in front of the spotlight. © Dorisbell Nova
The face of a person with makeup. © Emily Blas
An onion with odd roots. © Emily Castillo
A picture of toilet paper. © Erica Martinez
A March calendar half crossed out, with the word QUARANTINE written over the third week. © Fagaye Seck
Two hands raised towards each other with a clear plastic barrier between them. © Heyma Singh
A table where a N95 mask and a bottle and hand sanitizer lay. © Hilda Lalicic
A lit stove and a saute pan with a top. © Isaiah Sampson
An altar to the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus.  © Janaya Harrell
A fist raised in front of the Dominican flag. © Janna Cabrera
A blurry selfie of somebody in a white undershirt, holding a mug. © Jose Vasquez

Special Thanks

ICP’s Community Partnership with the High School of Fashion Industries has been made possible with generous support from the William Talbott Hillman Foundation, the Keith Haring Foundation, and the New York City Department of Education.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council.