"To me, photography is very important because it has helped me understand things from the past, from our history. I feel that if it were not for photography, history would be harder to visualize and understand." —Sheyla

High School of Fashion Industries

The High School of Fashion Industries program features an integrated curriculum designed by ICP and HSFI, which includes an in-school foundation photography course, an after-school beginner's class, and an intermediate documentary workshop. This yearlong program takes place in a teaching facility built by ICP, which includes a ten-station darkroom, a film-processing area, and a studio/classroom. The collaboration culminates in an annual exhibition opening in the Principal's Gallery at the high school featuring the students' photographs and writing.

The mission of the High School of Fashion Industries is to provide challenging, creative, and effective career, technical, and academic training for New York City students. The faculty and administration of their school, working with the cooperation of the parents and student body, seek to provide a unique learning experience and a specially tailored program for all students who have an interest in a related field.

"Before I was lost, and this photography program helped me find myself and how I want to contribute to this world. I hope to be memorable, and ICP was for me, the first major step down a long and hopefully successful road." —Angela

Special Thanks

ICP’s partnership with the High School for Fashion industries is made possible by the William Talbott Hillman Foundation and Keith Haring Foundation.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council and the New York City Department of Education.


Alumni Work

A woman in a bathtub.
© Tiana Marcano, Student
A picture of a person's shoe.
© Ginger Kopiske, Student
A woman cradling a cup.
© Dasia Gadley, Student