This summer at Governors Island, ICP presents a selection of photographs from our popular exhibition Capa in Color, a full assessment of color photographs by famed photojournalist Robert Capa. It presents a fascinating look into the color work of this master of photography.

Looking at Capa's career through his color photographs gives new insight into how tenaciously he operated as a photojournalist in an era dominated by black-and-white. Though there wasn't a market for color war photographs, Capa regularly shot in color, as well as black-and-white. The color images of his postwar career contain little of the political gravity of his war stories, instead reflecting a more peaceful and prosperous vision of the world.


A group of men in the desert riding horses. Robert Capa
A row of people watching a sports event from the sideline, with one woman lifting a child so they can see. Robert Capa
Two cows chewing cud in a green field in front of an old American bomber. Robert Capa
A woman tanning on the beach, with rows of tents behind her. Robert Capa
A photography exhibition of Robert Capa. Governors Island
A couple examining a photo on display at a gallery. Governors Island

Special Thanks

Capa in Color is made possible by the ICP Exhibitions Committee and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.