One of Brazil's leading contemporary photographers, Caio Reisewitz (b. 1967) has produced a remarkable body of work during the past 15 years, concentrating almost exclusively on Brazilian subjects. His large-scale color photographs explore the changing relation of the city and the countryside in a period of feverish economic development.

Many of Reisewitz's photographs testify to his fascination with the architectural heritage of Brazil's colonial period, as well as its innovative 20th-century modernist architecture. Other imposing works portray the pristine landscapes and dense forests around his hometown of São Paulo—areas that are now threatened by urban sprawl. His smaller-format photocollages take a very different direction, employing a playful, jazz-like visual approach.

In these works, tiny photographic images of urban environments are scattered within scenes presenting the green expanses of Brazil's forests. Reisewitz has frequently exhibited in South America and in Europe, and represented Brazil at the 2005 Venice Biennale. This is his first major solo show in the U.S. It is organized by ICP Curator Christopher Phillips.

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Tour Venues

Caio Reisewitz is available for tour. If you are interested in hosting the exhibition at your museum, or to reserve a slot on a tour, please contact us at or 212.857.9738.

A cityscape on a peninsula as seen from high above the water. Caio Reisewitz
Abstract art of a beach view Caio Reisewitz
Abstract art of trees Caio Reisewitz
Mid Century Modern floor to wall windows with lush foliage both in and outside the building. Caio Reisewitz
Religious painting Caio Reisewitz
A waterfall in the distance, with leaves and branches in the foreground. Caio Reisewitz
Image of an antique library Caio Reisewitz
A hazy swamp. Caio Reisewitz

Special Thanks

Caio Reisewitz is supported by Itaú Cultural and Itaú BBA, Artworkers Retirement Society, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.