Join us for “Slidefest: [In]Flux,” an annual spring showcase of work-in-progress by the first year students of the ICP-Bard MFA Program in Advanced Photographic Studies. The evening consists of presentations that show how a new generation of visual artists is integrating photography, video, and performance art into their studio practice and work.

Students will individually perform, present, and discuss their work, process, and ideas in a variety of formats and mediums. Slidefest will be followed by a pop-up exhibition in Classroom C and Seminar C. The evening is moderated by Marvin Heiferman, ICP-Bard MFA faculty.

Featured Artists

Matthew Cohen
Ivana Larrosa
Minny Lee
Allyson Lupovich
Groana Melendez
Bia Monteiro
Martha Naranjo Sandoval
Theresa Ortolani
Matthew Papa
Verónica Puche
Katrina Sorrentino

Image © Minny Lee, MFA '16
ICP-Bard MFA Slidefest 2015

[In]ternational Call for Photography 

The ICP Bard MFA class of 2016 invites you to question the habitual and submit images that relate to the state of being [in]flux.

Selected content will be featured on EYE TO EYE and projected at ICP on May 8, 2015 during #ICPSlidefest – an annual showcase featuring work from the ICP-Bard MFA program.