This One's For You is the group thesis exhibition by the 2015 ICP-Bard MFA students.

This MFA exhibition showcases the work of artists who use the social activity of photography to explore the various ways that pictures make apparent our points of contact and alienation. These artists act as facilitators and interrogators by turning the camera on their families, communities, and surroundings.

The results of their efforts take many forms: sculptural reliefs, sound installations, video projections, environmental viewing pods, and other experiments that combine formal innovation with emotional directness. While the world of images is questioned and examined, there is very little cynicism about the role of art in making meaning of our lives. This one is for you reflects the openness with which these 13 artists address the world around them.

Featured Artists

Esther Boesche
Stephanie Colgan
Joseph Desler Costa
Anna Ekros
Connor McNicholas
Marie Louise Omme
Kat Shannon
Marisa Sottos
Daniel Terna
Beau Torres
Jessica Thalmann
Kimberly J. Wade
Tracie Williams

A photograph misprinted.
A rock on a bed.
A photo of an art piece.
A lady posing
A person posing.
A person posing and holding their neck.
A photo of a record player
The back of person's head.
A group of cows in a field.