Familiar Strange is an exhibition, curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell, of new works by graduates of the 2017 ICP-Bard MFA program.

In Familiar Strange, seven artists—Sasha Louis Bush, Marla Hernandez, Gülsüm Kavuncu, Sam Margevicius, Hyungjo Moon, Cristina Velásquez, and Nechama Winston—establish relationships through their imaginative and documentary works. Together, their conversation finds parallels and highlights the ways in which speaking in a visual language differentiates from other forms of connecting and communicating. Their works induce the viewer into creating new bonds and relationships. This happens through inconsistent and ever changing forms particular to each artist’s practice in their mode of picture making.

Once total strangers to each other, these nine artists have emerged into a new state of familiar after working together in the last two years in the ICP-Bard MFA program. The subtle, yet concrete similarities between them are what make their union strong. They provoke us to move beyond our differences and perhaps celebrate and find strength in what makes us unique. We are human—men and women, all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors—but here we are, each of us, just people.

On View

June 29–July 25, 2017
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday | 12–6 PM

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TOP IMAGE: © Cristina Velásquez