In the last decade, the emergence and rise of digital imaging and the wealth of images it created has deeply changed the balance of power between photographer and buyer. Photo distribution is easier than ever and maintaining a position of "never giving your work for free" is increasingly difficult as the internet offers photo editors almost infinite imagery to use.
Selling work in the "fine arts" world and getting pre-financing for projects through traditional means has also become more difficult in this crowded and competitive context. From the revolution of crowdfunding to the new distribution, sales, and licensing platforms leveling the field for aspiring and professional photographers alike, what solutions exist for image-makers to make a living off their trade and properly monetize their stories and content?

Presented by Studio55 | @st55nyc.


Ulli Barta and Fabrice Nadjari of Studio55 | @st55nyc

The brainchild of Ulli Barta and Fabrice Nadjari, Studio55 is a creative studio that conceives, initiates, consults, (re)positions, curates, and connects. We create cultural content for unusual people.


Sara Walker | @shutterstock 

Sara is leading the global marketing efforts for Shutterstock's contributors in the two-sided marketplace. She is an entrepreneurial, data-driven multi-channel digital marketer and strategist with a high aptitude for creating and executing multi-channel campaigns. She has previously worked for companies such as CAN Capital, Etsy, and Motorola as a Digital Marketing Strategist.

Kenneth Schlenker | @artlistco @gertrwde

Kenneth is an entrepreneur passionate about shaping culture with technology. He is the co-founder and CEO of ArtList, an online marketplace for fine art whose mission is to make the global art market fast, secure, and fair. On ArtList, collectors from around the world are selling hundreds of artworks by some of the most sought after artists today. He also started Gertrude, a startup whose mission is to connect people directly with artists at intimate events all over the world. Participants include The New Museum, The Guggenheim, Paula Cooper Gallery, Pace Gallery, Phillips Auction House, Frieze, Google, Tumblr, and Faberge. Previously, Kenneth was at Google where he pioneered product and online advertising research with Fortune 500 companies. He also serves as an advisor to several early stage startups and leading global universities and has guest lectured at Princeton, Sciences Po, Parsons, and Sotheby's Institute.

Nur Elektra El Shami | Instagram: @articurate | Twitter: @articurate_net

Nur is the co-founder and director of the international arts platform Prior to launching in 2013, she worked for several years in the luxury and fashion industry in Milan, Mumbai, New York, Paris, and London for international companies such as Balmain and Mary Katrantzou. She holds a degree in cultural management and is fluent in English, Italian, German, and French. In 2014, she was inducted as a member of the European Cultural Parliament.