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This panel discussion features representatives from three collectives who will share their own experiences of using photography and art, often involving direct action, as a form of political or social currency and as a tool to empower individuals and communities. 


Benjamin Petit, Kyla Woods, #Dysturb
Amin Husain, MTL
Lorena Ros, Marvi Lacar, 1in20

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#Dysturb is a group of freelance photographers who take current international photojournalism to the streets. The primary goal of #Dysturb is to make news stories accessible to the general public. By pasting large format photographs on the walls of city hubs, #Dysturb presents photojournalism in a new, innovative way, completely independent from the restrictions of conventional news publishing channels. Consequently, an open forum has been created, generating discussion around current issues while also developing community engagement. 

MTL is a collaboration that joins research, aesthetics, and organizing in its practice. MTL’s underlying interest is the experience of being human and the broader cultural and social arrangements that make up our lives. As a movement, MTL attempts to disseminate montages of places and histories, of oppression and liberation. Why and who speaks on behalf of someone matters to MTL. This interest in voice is triggered by the demise of the nation-state and the observation that governments no longer represent the will of the people. On the ground, MTL circumvents, filters, and reaches unheard voices. MTL talks to people about life, liberation, and their realities, documenting the roads and geographies that lead to conversation.  Sometimes MTL is a passenger and other times a driver. Acknowledging where we are at, MTL asks how do we live? Who’s telling the story?

1IN20 is a living, breathing community offering validation, support, and a creative outlet for people coping with and surviving mental illness. Their mission is to close the gap between the vital but impersonal research conducted by academics and clinicians and how it really feels when you are suffering from depression or mental illness. 1in20 aims to provide a platform where you can share your stories, discover that you are not alone, and find a safe outlet to express everything you are experiencing, from despair, to joy, to fear, to hope, and in time, to recovery. Living with mental illness is many things, it can be ugly, painful, exhausting, and life threatening, and it can also be tender, beautiful, and transformative. 1in20 is a place where you can connect, both heart and mind, with those who have walked before you, and others who walk alongside you.