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Candidates for the 2017 ICP-Bard MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies are pleased to present two evening conversations at the ICP Museum. Each evening will begin with presentations by two artists and a moderated discussion, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

These conversations are intended to foster an open dialogue between students, artists, and the general public. The cross-pollination of ideas that result is also meant to inspire a more fluid, interdisciplinary exchange between all aspects of the ICP community.

Evening II: Caitlin Cherry and Abbas Akhavan, moderated by Daniella Rose King

Through their response to the exhibition space as a terrain, where access gets negotiated from the inside and the outside, Caitlin Cherry and Abbas Akhavan’s work address the formation and institution of boundaries. Whether paintings are set up on catapults or the entrance of the gallery is obstructed by sandbags, each artist subverts the functional use of objects to question the history of contested territories and the sites of conflict from which they individually draw.

Learn about Evening I: Nicole Eisenman and Lucas Blalock, moderated by Kelly Shindler.