The Future Perfect brings together work from the last five years of graduating classes from three programs at ICP—General Studies, Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, and the ICP-Bard MFA. More than 100 years after the rise of Futurism, the work of these alumni artists and photographers ventures into the technical, aesthetic, and ethical questions of our era in novel, compelling ways: how do we mark time? How does technology and appearance express authority and reach? How do social, personal, and human concerns rendered through the full expression of photographic language make work that is worth saving? If photography can be compared to a language, what will it have said?

This exhibition was curated by lead curator Yola Monakov Stockton with co-curators Joana Cardozo, Elena Hermosa, and Rick Schatzberg.

The curators and participating artists in this exhibition would like to thank the many extraordinary teachers at ICP. They continuously demonstrate true generosity of spirit in their dedication to helping students become more courageous in their work.

Featured Artists

643 Collective, Katherine Akey, Karen Arango, Ana Baumann, Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell, Esther Boesche, Joana P. Cardozo, Stephanie Colgan, Joseph Desler Costa, Tara Cronin, Tom Curcuruto, Kristen Dorata, Elena Hermosa, Sara Hylton, Marily Konstantinopoulou, Alexandre Morvan, Loubna Mrie & Miguel Winograd, Júlia Pontés, Fabiana Sala, Liz Sales, Rick Schatzberg, Giovana Schluter, Daniel Temkin, Daniel Tepper & Vittoria Mentasti, Jessica Thalmann, and Jiaxi Yang.

Gallery Hours

Monday–Sunday | 10 AM–6 PM

Opening Reception

Friday, September 16 | 6–8 PM


View The Future Perfect and other participating exhibitions at this year’s edition of Photoville.

TOP IMAGE: © Loubna Mrie