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Part 2 – Vision and Technology: Toward a More Just Future

Date May 14, 2018
Type Special Event

Organized in collaboration with Eyebeam, VISION AND TECHNOLOGY: toward a more just future addresses the implications of visuality, representation, and privacy in the age of surveillance and big data. This public symposium, hosted at the Knockdown Center, convenes artists, technologists, and scholars to explore the following questions:

– How do artists and creative technologists respond to, or intervene in, new technologies to create more equitable ways of seeing and sharing information?
– How does technology facilitate both democratized representation and privacy?
– How can we build toward just futures for our human and post-human selves?

Part 2 includes:

– How to Be Seen: A conversation on representation, interfaces, and our cyborg selves with American Artist, Tonia B******, Stephanie Dinkins, and Nora Khan
– Poetic Operations: Algorithmic Analysis for Trans of Color Poetics
A keynote address, delivered by new media artist and theorist Micha Cárdenas