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But Still, It Turns and the Photobook

Date Mar 30, 2021
Type Exhibition

In celebration of the ICP exhibition But Still, It Turns: Recent Photography from the World, listen to the online talk with Rebecca Bengal, Emanuele Brutti and Piergiorgio Casotti, Gregory Halpern, and Vanessa Winship.

About the Exhibition

Guest curated by photographer Paul Graham, But Still, It Turns features nine contemporary photographers that present images made in the 21st -century United States, working directly from life and reflecting a movement towards a lyrical documentary practice. Extending the tradition of Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Gordon Parks, and Diane Arbus, this work fits a notion of “photography from the world”—photography that resists both narrative arcs and the drama of photojournalism or staged photography, grappling instead with the world as it is, in all its tangle and wonder. The exhibition features work by Vanessa Winship, Curran Hatleberg, Richard Choi, Gregory Halpern, Piergiorgio Casotti and Amanuele Brutti, Kristine Potter, and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa.