Our state-of-the-art facilities include black-and-white darkrooms, digital media labs, classrooms, and a professional photographic studio. ICP also houses a robust library.


Hourly Darkroom Rental

Our darkrooms can be rented by current students only and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a $15 per hour fee for black-and-white printing (price includes ICP stock chemistry).

Call Lab Resources (212.857.0077) to get the updated open lab schedule.

Darkroom Facilities

Our darkrooms are designed for efficient printing and processing with 27 individual enlarger stations and a wide selection of film and paper chemistry. The facilities also include:  

  • One large teaching lab for black-and-white printing, which can produce prints up to 20x24 inches.
  • One small semi-private lab includes Beseler 8x10 enlarger station.
  • Facilities for the production of alternative process images.
  • A spacious film development area with two loading rooms.
  • A dedicated sheet film lab.
  • Print washing, toning, and drying areas that meet archival standards.
  • A post-production area for print finishing, matting, heat mounting, and cutting, etc.

Digital Media Lab

The media labs feature up-to-date equipment designed for high-end digital image production.
A room of machines.

Hourly Media Lab Rental

Our media labs are available to currently enrolled students on a rental basis. The rental fee is $15 per hour plus print charges.

Call the Media Lab (212.857.0075) to get the updated open lab schedule.

Media Lab Facilities

ICP’s media labs contain a network of 46 color-managed Apple workstations, providing each student with a full-suite of the latest Adobe and Apple editing applications, Calibrated Wide Color-Gamut 24-inch Eizo monitors, and 17” Canon Pro 1000 printers. They also include:

  • Film Scanners: Hasselblad X5, X1, 646 and Nikon CoolScan
  • Flatbed/Transparency Scanners: Epson V850, V750, V700, 10000XL
  • Large Format Inkjet Printers: Canon Pro 2000 and 4000
A room with camera lens.

Equipment Rental

ICP has an extensive inventory of lighting and grip equipment for use on and off campus. Lighting gear includes Profoto strobes as well as Lowel continuous lighting, among other brands. Camera gear includes digital and film equipment of varying formats. Equipment is only available to our current Full-Time Program students for short-term use. In addition, select continuing education classes and workshops have access to class-related equipment. The school’s facilities include a professional shooting studio with grey, white and black seamless racks (12’ and 9’), digital projectors, and a closet stocked with grip equipment. 


Call ICP Lab Resources (212.857.0077) to get the updated open lab schedule. 


All classrooms are furnished with light tables, slide projectors, Apple computers, and a digital projection system, while some also include seamless racks. Students may reserve classrooms that are not in use.


ICPs library at 79 Essex Street, New York, provides research and informational resources for the Museum and the School including published works from around the world. Holdings include the gifts of ICP founder Cornell Capa, documentary photographers David Douglas Duncan and Andreas Feininger, resources related to ICP’s exhibitions and education programs, and acquisitions featuring the newest titles in the art of photobooks. The Library's collection is made up of more than 25,000 volumes including monographs, monographic series, serials, museum and collection catalogs, biographies of photographers, critical editions of the writings of photographers and photography historians, anthologies of documents, facsimiles, technical and instructional manuals. Some of our strongest holdings are our Artists Books, which include original publications and zines not held by any libraries in the world.