ICP’s Policy on Press Admittance

The International Center of Photography is pleased to provide free admittance for any member of the media who presents our information desk staff with a valid and current press credential or relevant business card. In addition, this press admission also entitles them to bring along one guest at the time they visit ICP.

Any member of the media without the aforementioned credential need simply contact the ICP Communications office (212.857.0045 or press@icp.org) no later than one day prior to their proposed visit, so that our front desk staff can be provided with the necessary approval information prior to their arrival. Should they appear at ICP without having been in touch with us beforehand, the front desk staff will contact the Communications office to get said approval before being able to admit the person(s) in question into the galleries.

There is no photography or videography allowed in ICP’s exhibition space without prior approval from the Communications office.

Exhibition and institution-related press images and other materials (exhibition-related texts, etc.) are available through the Communications office. All requests for interviews, and any other questions regarding ICP, its exhibitions, and other institutional events and activities, should be directed there as well.

Thank you for complying with these policies. We look forward to seeing you.