Turning Points: The Magnum Square Print Sale

Monday, April 6, 9 AM through Sunday, April 12, 6 PM EST
Apr 06, 2020
Monday, April 6, 9 AM through Sunday, April 12, 6 PM EST
Image: Cornell Capa, [John F. Kennedy shaking hands with supporters during his presidential campaign, Michigan], September 5, 1960. © International Center of Photography

The April 2020 Magnum Square Print sale is a collection of photographs relating to, or capturing events that changed the course of history, society, a life, or a practice. Now through Sunday, April 12, over 120 signed or estate-stamped, museum-quality 6-by-6 inch prints by Magnum and The Everyday Projects’ photographers are available for $100.

Turning points can occur on a scale that spans at extremes; the global or national, and the most personal of moments. Participating photographers were invited to review their personal archives and select images that reflect this theme.  

Included in the sale is a photograph of John F. Kennedy, taken by Cornell Capa. In his 1992 monograph Capa wrote this about the image: “In 1960…I had done a story for Life on the nature of American politics…In the course of working on that story, I covered the Wisconsin primary—and there I encountered a young politician who seemed to be a rising star, John F. Kennedy…I resented this upstart senator with his arrogant slogan that it was now the “time for greatness.”... And yet I could feel the surge of response that Kennedy evoked from young people, the kind of excitement that [Governor Adlai Stevenson] rarely elicited from them. I gradually found myself forced to admit, almost reluctantly, that Stevenson’s time was past.”

Explore the sale now to purchase this momentous image by Cornell Capa Magnum photographer and founder of the International Center of Photography, or choose from any of the additional images, which includes a photograph by Robert Capa, brother of Cornell Capa and the co-founder of Magnum Photos. By using a link from this page to access the sale, a portion of your purchase will directly support ICPMagnum photographers will donate 50% of their proceeds from the sale to Médecins Sans Frontières’s COVID-19 emergency response.