Summer Masterclass in Visual Storytelling 2022

May 01, 2022
© Gaia Squarci

The ICP and CAMERA Summer Masterclass is back in session, after two sessions held online due to the pandemic, and offers the participants a great challenge: to address the social or emotional space of people and the places they inhabit while providing them with the media tools necessary to make compelling and impactful visual stories.

The Summer Masterclass will take place July 6–29, at the Centro Italiano per la Fotografia in Turin.

Through fieldwork, critiques, and the honing of editorial and technical skills, this intensive program encourages a collaborative environment where participants engage in meaningful dialogue to broaden their way of working and seeing. The purpose is to produce content that has depth and substance while experimenting with the complementary tools of audio, video, and text. Using Turin as a sketchpad, students will consider various strategies for photographing in the field while contemplating how a group of photographs seen in concert with one another and in conjunction with other media can create an effective narrative.

The application is open until May 31st.