In Memoriam: Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros (1970–2011)

Apr 30, 2011

The International Center of Photography is saddened by the loss of two of photojournalism's most dedicated humanitarian storytellers, Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, who were killed in Libya last week. Tim was an inspirational ICP faculty member who generously shared his time and talent with our students, members, and general audience. Chris was the recipient of the 2006 Robert Capa Gold Medal of Honor for his coverage in Iraq, a testament to his dedication to covering conflict in the spirit of ICP's mission. Both were visiting artists at ICP and are considered part of the ICP family.

Cornell Capa founded ICP twenty years after his 40-year-old brother Robert was killed by a landmine covering the First Indochina War in the 1950s. Cornell's goal was to support the humanitarian documentary work his brother was known for prior to his untimely death. The contributions of Tim and Chris exemplify the type of work Cornell championed—the photojournalism we teach, exhibit, and support at ICP.

We send heartfelt condolences to Tim's and Chris' families, friends, and colleagues.

Watch the 2010 ICP Lecture by Tim Hetherington

Watch the 2006 ICP Lecture by Chris Hondros