Frances Denny on Life After Graduation

The General Studies alum (2010) co-founded a magazine
Frances Denny
Feb 03, 2015

Frances Denny


What have you been doing since graduating from the General Studies program?

I have been working on my own photography and freelance work, as well as assisting a couple of other photographers. I also worked at W Magazine under Hannah Whitaker for a period of time, and became an Advance Associate of the White House Advance Team, doing logistics for President Obama’s travels. Last summer, I launched a multidisciplinary magazine called Scrapped with Noura Al-Salem, Osvaldo Ponton, Nicole Horton, and Allen Chen (fellow ICP alumni). It showcases the work of emerging artists in all media. This fall, I began graduate studies in photography at RISD. [Editor's note: Denny graduated from RISD in 2014.]

What impact has the experience of going through the ICP program had on you?

ICP gave me the technical skills and network to begin a career in photography. I learned how to make a fine-art photographic print there, and how to talk critically about art, but by far the most valuable thing I gained was the network of photographers and friends. Both the faculty and student body come from diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds, and bring unique perspectives to their work—and yours. The friends I made at ICP I will have for life!

Is there anything that has surprised you subsequent to graduation?

I have since realized how incredible the facilities are at ICP. They have the best labs and equipment in any art school that I’ve encountered since (and I visited many of them last year when I was applying to MFA programs!).

What would you say to people contemplating applying to the program?

Definitely apply to the GS program if you are looking for an intensive year of photographic study. Choose your electives carefully, take a lot of risks in your work, be able to hear criticism with open ears, and take advantage of any and all resources that are made available to you.


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