Young America: The Daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes focuses on the refined works of Albert Sands Southworth (1811–1894) and Josiah Johnson Hawes (1808–1901). In partnership from 1843 through 1863, Southworth & Hawes took artistic portraiture to a new level beyond common commercial photography. In service of an elite and famous clientele, they worked with large 8x6-inch plate sizes, technically more challenging but aesthetically more beautiful. As their unique daguerreotypes attest, Southworth & Hawes focused lavish attention on national and international celebrities who traveled to their Boston studio, capturing likenesses in picturesque fashion.

June 17–September 4, 2005
International Center of Photography, New York, New York

October 1, 2005–January 8, 2006
George Eastman House
International Museum of Photography & Film, Rochester, New York

January 28–April 9, 2006
Addison Gallery of American Art
Phillips Gallery, Andover, Massachusetts