Launched in 1997, ICP at THE POINT is a year-round photography-based collaboration that includes a classroom/studio, black-and-white darkroom, and gallery. Through weekly classes for pre-teens and teens, the program teaches photography, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking with the goal of fostering self-esteem, community development, and social change.

Bronx Eyes is an exhibition of student photographs from the past four years, which celebrates the power of their individual voices and shared experiences. To see the Bronx through the eyes of its own, the images reveal a unique and essential representation of local stories and truths.

Featured Artists

Marissa Alicea, Marlon Allen, Elisaac Alvarez, Roy Baizan, Tony Baizan, Cristal Bautista, Kayla Beltran, Jasmin Chabla, Boris Cortes, Antonio Cruz, Britney Cuevas, Wesley DeJesus, Brianna Diaz, Daniela Dipre, Ajohntae Dixon, Nailea Dominguez, Alexa Duran, Preston Fulwood, Alberto Garcia, Fritzi Garcia, Evan Guzman, Diana Herrera Cuautle, Aesetou Hydara, Raymond Jimenez, Stephanie Martinez, Artie Medina, Eduardo Montalvo, Sebastian Peralta, Tayvhon Pierce, Shandale Ricketts, Margarete Rodriguez, Rick Rodriguez, Alexa Seda, Victoria Spaulding, Jada Stewart, Sabrina Vasquez Alexandria Velazquez, Nicholas Watson, Shanice Workman

Black and white image of a boy on train tracks
Black and white image of a kid getting a haircut
Black and white image of childs face
Black and white image of 2 birds flying
Black and white image of a lady unpacking leaves
Black and white image of 2 school girls
Black and white image of people sitting in a bench looking at a ship
Black and white image of 2 people outside in a forest
Black and white image of a child with a hood
Black and white image of a paintings reflection
Black and white image of a girl outside

Special Thanks

This program is made possible with support from The Pinkerton Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts.