Traveling Exhibitions

Our exhibitions travel to international venues, showcasing the work of leading artists and curators around the world. Traveling art exhibits are a cornerstone of the International Center of Photography's (ICP) mission to share the art of photography with the world. Our traveling exhibitions feature the exceptional work of leading artists and curators from around the globe. Come see the exciting world of ICP exhibitions, where creativity knows no boundaries.

From thought-provoking explorations of contemporary American society, like Gillian Laub's "Family Matters" to intimate reflections of the soul through the lens of emerging artists using iPhones in "INWARD" and compelling photographic journeys documenting hip-hop's evolution in "CONTACT HIGH."

ICP's traveling exhibits offer diverse perspectives, capturing the essence of our complex world through the art of photography. These contemporary photography exhibitions are a window into the cultural, social, and personal dimensions of our time, inviting audiences to engage with photography in all its forms and explore the unseen stories that shape our lives.